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About Us


Our Mission

Provide customers unbiased information about top healthcare facilities, quality care, and outcomes in Asia Pacific’

We live in an era where information is at our fingertips. We can access it anytime and from anywhere, however finding accurate information is a hectic process especially when finding inform

We Are Committed

To continuously researching, updating our database, and raising awareness of the high level of quality healthcare facilities and services available in these countries.

Our team also SEEKS OUT new affiliated technologies and industries that will aid various international healthcare facilitators and providers (and in turn our customers) to easily operate in a globalized healthcare industry

Our Values (Integrity | Transparency | Honesty)

We are a facilitator committed to reducing the research and homework people have to do searching for the right clinic. We do this by bringing the most well researched options for medical tourism to our customers, for free,Our team continuously finds and connects with various stakeholders, building strong relations with healthcare providers, medical facilitators, and insurance firms so that YOU HAVE a seamless experience in finding accurate information, selecting the right options, and completing the process.As a result, we are able to WEED OUT various disreputable healthcare providers, tourism facilitators, and hospitals — especially ones that do not have nor maintain the standards or level of quality expected quality of healthcare.We’ve already done the research, leaving you to simply compare them, or do some additional research like checking reviews or visiting their website.

Our Story

As cost of medical healthcare continuously escalates, waiting time for patients continues to increase, and people across the world have to suffer the additional pain of waiting for these procedures. AT THE SAME TIME elsewhere, in emerging economies the healthcare system is bludgeoning with opportunities.

The result?

Our founding team realized two things:

That the primary limiting factor is lacking of accurateandaccurate and up-to-dateinformationdate information on these foreign lands, hence the apprehension and hysteria about safety, security, and quality of proper healthcare processes and treatment facilities.A new form of tourism has emerged: medical tourism.People can go on a holiday and schedule time for their treatment/ surgery from trusted clinics


for instance, we went to Thailand, Bangkok and other cities to chase most trusted and known clinics for dental and cosmetic surgery. We selected good clinics to include them to our medical holiday project. Ultimately, we continue this procedure in various countries such as India.

Now we’ve brought our research online: creating this online portal that offers FREE BOOKING for known dental and cosmetic clinic clinics. The purpose is singular: aiding people who want to go overseas for holiday and medical surgery make the most out of their trip.

And We Didn’t Stop There

In addition to the free booking, we’re also offering:
We inspect the clinic offering here



Our Clinics

BIDC Bangkok

BIDC Bangkok

Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) is the FIRST dental clinic in Thailand to attain the American based Joint Commission


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