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Silom Dental Building

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Clinic Address :

439/4 Narathiwatrajnakarin Silom Bangrak, กรุงเทพมหานคร 10500, Thailand


Clinic Overview:

Silom Dental Building (Dental Thailand), established in April 2002 with a vision that it should be a prototype for clinics which make available dentists in all areas of specialization, and also follow standards of modern medical/dental practice. It will offer dental services to dental patients who usually go to general practice dental clinics.

However, those general practice clinics cannot offer treatments in their entirety due to below-standard of modern health care provider in accordance with the amended Health Care Provider Act of 1998, which dictates that health care providers shall abide by the rules of the Act being that the people shall have access to primary care, as well as secondary and tertiary care (which includes sending patients to experts), and that the treatment procedures and services should bring about the patients’ satisfaction.

Silom Dental Building (Dental Thailand) is specialized dental health provider which has an executive structure similar to that of a “dental hospital” with a holistic approach to treatment standardisation in all areas of dental specialists.

A team of specialists in dentistry will supervise the treatment and services through Silom Dental Building (Dental Thailand) Quality Control Centre. Silom Dental Building’s Dental Team and Staff’s Experience and Expertise

Services and Prices

Treatment Type Unit Price in Thai Baht Price in USD (approx) No. of Visit(s) Estimated Duration of Stay (Days)
General Dentistry
Check up, treatment plan and consultation visit Free Free 1 1
Cleaning, Scaling & Polishing Visit        
X-ray Films
Periapical film (small dental film) film    
Panoramic (big full mouth x-ray: digital) film    
Cephalometric (big profile x-ray: digital) film    
3D CT Scan Area    
Filling Replacements (Tooth coloured material)
Dental Fillings surface    
Base/Sub-base or LA for Fillings (only if required) syringe    
Aesthetic Dentistry
Teeth Whitening
Zoom™ Tooth Whitening case    
Pola Tooth Whitening case    
Home Tooth Bleaching case    
Porcelain fused to standard alloy crown    
PorPorcelain fused to palladium metal crown    
Porcelain fused to gold metal alloy* crown    
All Ceramic eMax crown    
Lava All Ceramics crown    
Cercon Smart Ceramics crown    
Procera All ceramic crown    
Porcelain Veneer : IPS Empress Esthetics veneer    
Composite Veneers veneer    
Endodontic Dentistry/ Root Canal Treatment
Anterior tooth tooth    
Premolar tooth tooth    
Molar tooth tooth    
Oral Surgery
Tooth Extraction(Simple) tooth    
Tooth Extraction(complex) tooth    
Prosthodontic Dentistry / Dentures
Resin Base Denture : 1st teeth plate    
Metal Frame Denture : 1st teeth plate    
Each Additional Tooth on Denture Plate -    
Acrylic Resin Full denture jaw    
Fix Metal Braces case     - -
Clear Braces - Ceramic or Tooth-Colored Braces case     - -
Self-Ligating Braces - Damon /3M Gemini) case     - -
Clear Self-Ligating Braces - Damon Clear/ 3M Clarity SL case     - -
Lingual Braces case     - -
Invisalign i7 case     - -
Invisalign Lite case     - -
Invisalign case     - -
Retainer plate     - -
Dental Implants
(fees quoted for per implant inclusive of implant post, abutment, crown & surgery fees)
Single Titanium Implants
Nobel Biocare implant     by report*
AstraTech implant     by report*
Straumann SLActive implant     by report*
Single Roxolid Implants
Straumann Roxolid SLA implant    
Straumann Roxolid SLActive Implant implant    
Full Jaw Implants
Full Jaw Dentures case   - by report by report*
Full Jaw Bridge case   - by report by report*
All-on-4 case   - by report by report*
All-on-6 case   - by report by report*


Staff and Facilities

image2image5 jpg treatment-room-2 treatment-room-3 treatment-room-5 treatment-room



Monday 08:00 -17:30
Tuesday 08:00 -17:30
Wednesday 08:00 -17:30
Thursday 08:00 -17:30
Friday 08:00 -17:30
Saturday 08:00 -17:30
Sunday Closed


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BIDC Bangkok

BIDC Bangkok

Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) is the FIRST dental clinic in Thailand to attain the American based Joint Commission


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