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Gain discounts on below services near clinic of your choice.

  • Book A Taxi

    Make your tour hassle free with timely availability of reliable and affordable transportation services. Avoid the stress of finding and booking a taxi/pickup, or communicating your destinations in a foreign land with our network of reliable, licensed, and professional taxi drivers and cab services.
    We have collaborated with different pickup service providers to insure that your stay remains as stress free as possible.

  • Holiday Packages

    Surgery or medical procedures at the clinic of your choice takes its toll. You need to relax. Why not extend your medical visit into a short holiday, recuperate, and at the same enjoy the time in the same climate where you have the surgery?You’ve decided to take the trip for your health. Now, you need rest, and you deserve a holiday to recuperate from the surgery and regain your health.
    Extend and upgrade the trip into a relaxing and refreshing holiday tour.

  • Book A Guide

    Overcome language and cultural barriers. Easily communicate and interact with foreign people, and find your way around foreign lands with professional translators and guides.
    If you need someone to be with you all the time and need a translator and/or a guide, connect with us and fill the form to use our services.

  • Book A Hotel

    Our team continuously finds and connects with the hospitality industry in different countries, networking and building strong relationships with different hotels so that our customers gain the best options at affordable rates.
    We offer discounted hotels price near your clinic.

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BIDC Bangkok

BIDC Bangkok

Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) is the FIRST dental clinic in Thailand to attain the American based Joint Commission


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