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Teeth Whitening in Bankok



Have you ever wanted to get a bright and shiny smile? We all want our smiles to be bright and beautiful which complement our personality as well. White and shiny teeth are what everyone desires to get a beautiful smile. There is no certain reason why some people have whiter teeth then others. Just like the color of our hair, eyes or face appears to be different from others, likewise some people have whiter teeth than others which are all inherited. Some people have naturally whiter enamel; which is the outer layer of the teeth as compared to the others who have yellowish outer layer. According to a dentist residing in Massachusetts Richard Price who is also a spokesperson for the American Dental Association, teeth tell many things about a person’s health, he says that whatever you eat goes into your body through your teeth and the food you take into your body has a large impact in you. Prince also said that if you throw a fizzy drink on your carpet, it will stain it and the same drink might as well leave a mark on your teeth as well. This is why, dentists recommend on brushing teeth twice a day; once when you go to bed in the night and second after you have your breakfast. There are many other things associated with teeth brushing which save you from big troubles and diseases. If someone has naturally yellow teeth and cannot do anything about it, there is nothing to be worried about because dentists have a solution for it.


Americans spend about $1.5 dollars on over the counter products just to make their teeth appear whiter and shinier. Although there are many natural ways to treat this issue in whitening teeth i.e. baking soda, coconut oil, lemon or certain mouth washes etc. but these homemade treatments work over a long period of time. If you want to get results quicker, you need to take an appointment from your dentists. Dentists now-a-days give professional cleaning to patient’s teeth which removes all the stains from their teeth and removes the yellow stains or marks from their teeth.  Many people get teeth whitening done before an important event in their life i.e. their wedding, important meeting etc. Food, beverages or the use of tobacco causes stains on our teeth which makes them appear yellow.

Dentists in this process bleach teeth of the patients. The process goes on for about 30 minutes and whitens the discolored teeth which occurred due to any reason. Dentists apply some chemicals to the teeth which whitens the color of their teeth. A special kind of light is used in between the process of teeth whitening just to activate the chemical on the teeth. Different doctors have a different method of teeth whitening but most of all; it is not painful and does not require any medicines. Although, teeth are expected to become sensitive to some extend and may cause stinging sensation while consumption of hot or cold drinks but the effects are bearable.

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